What can you do with a PR Degree?

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Many people don’t even know what PR is when they choose it as a major. It just sounds like something fun and social, something like what Samantha does on Sex and the city. In reality, though, that is only a small portion of Public Relations. There are many different types of jobs one can have with a degree in PR. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Communications Manager
  • Account Executive
  • PR Manager
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Director of Investor Relations
  • College Admissions Officer
  • Media Relations
  • Fundraising or Donor Relations
  • Government Public Affairs
  • Sports Public Relations
  • Alumni Director

Public Relations also requires a multitude of skill and patience. One must be strong and be quick on their feet, ready to take on a new challenge at any give moment. Here a a few skills a PR practitioner must possess:

  • Effective written communication
  • Editing skills
  • Persuasive speaking/presentation skills
  • Networking/people skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Time and stress management
  • Problem‑solving & decision-making
  • Computer/production skills (Desktop publishing, layout, graphics)
  • Research/information gathering

For more information on PR, what you need, and what you can do with it, visit the website I got this information from.




  1. ccameron12 said,

    This is a great blog!! I should send this link to family and friends because I constantly get the comment “well, what can you DO with a PR degree??” I think this is an eye opener for people about just what all we CAN do!

  2. hatha1 said,

    I agree with your posting completely. I also think that this would be a good reference for students who are thinking about majoring in PR. This can give them a general idea of their career options.

  3. Daniel Harden said,

    Awesome choice for your blog classmate! I, myself, am very unsure what “PR practicioners” actually do as a career. This blog is informative for all PR majors and minors. I may use this list you gave us for my own career path!

  4. Alba Daniela Cuevas said,

    I’ve been looking into being a PR major because I’ve been told that I have good speech skills and what not but my writing skills…. aren’t the best xD you dont think that would kill me in the long run right?!

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