Downloading fonts.

October 24, 2008 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized)

In my PR Publications class earlier this semester, I was introduced to a website that allows users to view and download thousands of fonts for free. You can find anything from monogramming styles to the “Taco Bell” style font. It is super neat and very helpful!

You can save the font to your computer or to your zip drive so that you can download it on any computer that you wish.

The website is In order to preview the font, select the style you wish to view. Then, type in your name (or whatever you wish to preview), and click the preview button, right next to the text box.  Once you have chosen a font to download, click “download font”. If you are saving it to your zip drive, make sure that is inserted. Select the location in which you want to save the font. If you cannot save the font directly to your zip drive, you will be able to select and drag it from your computer to your zip drive folder. After you have downloaded and saved the font, open Microsoft Word (or whatever programs you will be using the font). Click file, export. Select the file of the font that you are installing. Once the export is complete, the font will be successfully installed on your computer! Type away! Unfortunately, you will only be able to view this particular font on computers that have it saved to their programs.

For further instructions, visit the website!


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  1. Barbara Nixon said,

    Thanks, Blakeley. You might want to check your directions — I don’t see anything in there about installing them specifically to the Fonts folder.

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